kid writes on the book with laptop computer at desk

We are very aware that strong reading and comprehension skills are fundamental to being a part of today’s society and a lack of such skills may impede a student’s academic progress, general enjoyment of reading, their daily activities, and it may eventually impact self-confidence. Most times, these students are not identified early but some of these are signs and key indicators that you may notice.

  • Slow in acquiring reading skills?
  • Reading below grade level?
  • An English Language Learner?
  • Struggle to finish homework or tests on time?
  • Complain that reading is hard?
  • Use vague language, such as “stuff” or “thing,” rather than name the object?
  • Read and reread often with little comprehension?
  • Mispronounce words or trip over parts of words?

At TEAL, we provide reading intervention services using SpellRead. SpellRead is a result-driven, scientifically-evaluated intensive reading intervention program for students struggling with reading acquisition. It is for students who cannot read fluently or who are struggling with comprehension or retention. SpellRead’s instructional methods help students overcome phonological auditory processing problems. SpellRead has been constructed to provide remediation for the phonological weakness of people with dyslexia. At TEAL, our reading intervention tutors collectively have over 30 years of experience using research-based reading interventions for students who learn to read differently.