The SpellRead program is for students who need to close the reading gap, improve fluency while working on comprehension and writing.

Some students are diagnosed with phonological auditory processing problems or have phonological weakness because of dyslexia, and some are undiagnosed.

SpellRead is a result-driven, scientifically-evaluated intensive reading intervention program for students struggling with reading acquisition. It:

  • Helps students overcome phonological auditory processing problems. 
  • Provides remediation for the phonological weakness of people with dyslexia.

The SpellRead method focuses on:

  • Linguistic Foundations ? phonological and phonemic awareness
  • Active Reading  ?  reading fluency and application of Linguistic Foundations.
  • Writing Connections  ? Focus on reading comprehension and application of Linguistic Foundations.

This Fall we will be offering our SpellRead program both in center and via Zoom!

Program Schedule:

1 hour or 1.5 hour long sessions at least 2 days a week

Program Size:

One-on one tutoring in center or via Zoom


1st – 12th

** An assessment is necessary to complete the Sign Up process for our SpellRead program. Please express interest by filling out the form below. We will contact you with assessment instructions and pricing.

If your child has already participated in a reading intervention program like SpellRead and still needs specialized help, click here to learn more about our Specialized Reading and Comprehension Tutoring.

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