“…I have noticed a marked improvement in my boys’ ability to read, comprehend, and write grade-level text. SpellRead at TEAL has been a game-changer for us!”

-Mother of 2nd And 5th Grade Boys

“…My child’s reading is coming along exceptionally and this has really boosted his confidence. I’ve been told by his teachers and tutors that he has even been volunteering to read out loud in class in all subject areas. I am feeling really good about where he is with everything.”

-Parent of 2nd Grade Boy

“…The test prep services we received exceeded our expectations and based on her performance on the HSPT and PSAT, my eighth grader is better positioned to gain entrance into the high school of her choice”

-Parent of 8th Grade Student

“The field trips provided — 2 per week — were simply perfect!”

-Parent of a 6th Grader

“Detailed email reports from the Camp Director regarding the field trips proved especially useful in galvanizing conversations with my 13-year-old daughter.”


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